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11 things to do when selling your home

When you sell a home there’s plenty to do. Here’s a checklist, 11 things to do when selling your home, to make it easier for you.

  1. Repairs – Fix anything that’s obviously broken or dangerous
  2. Building and pest control – Getting a building and pest inspection certificate can shortcut the time a settlement takes. If you don’t get one, it’s likely that the potential buyers will get one done anyway.
  3. Swimming pool inspection – you will need a Swimming Pool Certificate of Compliance
  4. Smoke alarms – check to make sure they are compliant under the legislation (the Agent can best guide you).  If not, you will need to install smoke alarms and provide a smoke alarm compliance certificate.
  5. Title search – the Agent will do this however you will need to give them a copy of your Rates Notice
  6. Encumbrances on the property/block including easements, rights of way, covenants etc
  7. Set a price
  8. Find a real estate agent and decide how you will sell the house; Private treaty, Auction
  9. Find a Solicitor and confirm the fees payable on selling the house
  10. Let Solicitors know when the house has sold and ask for real estate agent to send them the sale contract
  11. Forward your mail and change your address

If you have questions about selling your home and how it works, call us here at Yeppoon Lawyers. We’ve listed 11 things to do when selling your home. Louise Klein, our conveyancer has over five years experience helping people with the legals to buy and sell properties and land and she can tell you everything you need to know.

Her patience, knowledge, experience and kindness are reassuring and help to make the process of buying or selling stress free. Property sales and purchases cost from $1100 to $1200 plus searches. To book an appointment, call Yeppoon Lawyers on 07 4925 0229.