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Can artificial intelligence write your Will?

Chat GPT, artificial intelligence (AI) and quick fix everything is everywhere right now and the question we’re hearing, can artificial intelligence write your Will? The answer is yes.  There are multiple DIY and free Will options.  Newsagent Will kits, Public Trustee and Chat GPT, there will always be DIY and cheap Will options available.  So why would you pay $220 and get a solicitor to write your Will?

So many things can go wrong or be grey areas when you write a Will and a solicitor does so much more than draft your Will.

We take the time to make sure clients are lucid and able to make a Will.  IT’s important for us to make sure that no one is influencing our client when they come to sign their Will.  We take note of our client’s health at the time of signing and we give advice on how to structure a Will to avoid it being contested after passing.  Finally, we look out for untoward contesting of a client’s legal wishes after passing.


Pete passing away aged 97 with no close relatives to claim on his $5million estate.  There were four Wills and three of them included John Smith a distant relative to Pete’s father.  In the very last Will, John was not included because Pete was aware that John and one of his executor’s had become well-known to each other. Pete removed the executor in doubt as well.

Knowing that John would be likely to contest this Will we would take extra steps to safeguard Pete’s legacy including;

  • Pete’s state of mind at the time of the final Will
  • Recording thorough notes about the relationships with John
  • Getting Pete’s mental capacity assessed.
  • Confirming all instructions from Pete in writing

We regularly hear and read about people giving advice to write your own Will or go to a Justice of the Peace.  Now with artificial Intelligence as the new ‘quick fix low or no cost Will’.  When you’re gone do you want your children or loved ones to have to settle a Will that has questions around it because of how it was written? 

What if your Will, which cost you nothing to write, then costs your loved one thousands of dollars to unravel? It could be stressful and expensive for them to deal with when they’re already dealing with your passing. Can Chat GPT and AI write you’re Will, Yes, is it secure, you’ll never know.  You’ll have passed and your loved ones will have to deal with it.

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