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6 reasons why you don’t have a will and how to overcome them

When Jane and William had their first child, they wrote a Will to pick a guardian if something happened to them both.  After having two more children, starting a business and buying a house, their Will was still the same and they were going travelling.  Then updating their Will became urgent.

“We’ve got a Will at least there’s that,” says Jane, 45, who lives in Yeppoon, Queensland “Our assets aren’t complicated, but we do need to update our will to show what we have and how we want to share those things amongst all of our three children.  Our assets look a lot different to eleven years ago!”

Whenever you have a big life change you need to update your Will.  Starting a business could mean there are financial trusts and structures that could affect the amount of money and assets left for your loved if you don’t have a Will. 

When big life changes happen all you need to do is make a new Will. Book an appointment today with Leonie Davey, call Yeppoon Lawyers on 07 4925 0229.

6 reasons why you don’t have a will and how to overcome them

1. You don’t like to think about dying – Think about this … your family at war with each other, having to decide who’s shares out your money and possessions and having to apply to the court for Letters of Administration.

2. You can’t decide who you want to give your money and all your things to – Think about the alternative, your money and possessions ending up with people you would never have chosen.

3. You can’t bear the thought of leaving your children – Imagine not knowing who will care for your children when you’re gone.

4. It takes forever – most Wills take very little time.  Sit down and write a list of who you want to leave your money and possessions to, who will care for your children and who will carry out the wishes in your Will (executors). Finally book an appointment with a lawyer.

5. Wills are expensive – $220 is a small cost to pay to make sure your estate settles smoothly, with minimum cost and stress to your loved ones. Death is a stressful time, Wills simplify the process.

6. You think you don’t have much to leave behind – Everyone has something to leave behind.  Most people have superannuation and a superannuation death benefit, cars, bank accounts, property, shares and many other possessions to be given away.  You want to make sure your things go to those you love.

Making a Will isn’t hard. Take some time to sit down once a year on a date you’ll remember, like a public holiday or anniversary and jot down any big life changes that have taken place. If there are none, there’s no need to write a new Will! If you find there are some big changes, take your list and book an appointment to see us here at Yeppoon Lawyers at 15 Hill Street next to Chapter Coffee Shop, 07 4925 0229 and we’ll help you put your new Will together.